Cooking Challenge - Baking Day

The big 'baking day' finally arrived.  As you could imagine we had a very eager baker ready to start first thing this morning.  

Our daughter jotted down the recipe from Mum's recipe folder which can also be found here with some very tiny variances.

Recipe - page 1.

Recipe - page 2

As she really wanted to do this entirely on her own I thought it best if I was out of sight.  I used this time to jump on my bike and return a few library books.  Mobile phone was very close by just in case she had a question.  Arrived home about 45 minutes later - no phone calls.

All organised.

By this stage she was just finishing mixing all of the ingredients together.

As she got to the bottom of the bowl she noticed a lot of peanuts and chocolate bits which hadn't quite mixed through.  Easy fix - into a bowl on the kitchen table.  Something to snack on during the day as you walk by.

A bonus snack.

When I'm cooking I always fill the sink before I begin and clean up as I go.  Well it seems that my daughter and I are total opposites in this area.  Absolutely every bench was covered with dishes, bits of dough on the tiles, mixture splattered on the mixmaster and flour pretty much everywhere.  It made me smile inside as she just looked so happy and thoroughly enjoying it all.  I'm sure a lot of taste testing was going on too due to a telltale sign of chocolate on her face. 

She had everything under control.

I was in and out in case she had a question however I was not needed at all.  

Before long I could smell something amazing coming from our kitchen.  Whilst they were baking she finished up with the cleaning and then did a quick vacuum.  The oven began beeping and her cookies were ready.  She let them cool on the oven trays.

They look perfect to me.

Whilst they were cooling she headed outside to help with the new chicken run.  I love seeing kids cooking, getting fresh air and just looking so happy.

Time then for the big taste test.  'Mmmmmm these are so yum, just like Nanna's' - one of the many comments.  She absolutely loves them and is so proud.  

Best looking cookies I've ever seen.

Once again this little challenge has been so much fun and rewarding on just so many levels.  I think confidence is a big one here.  Doing all of the planning, preparation and baking on her own and then seeing the amazing result is absolutely priceless.

I'm so, so proud of her yet again. 



  1. Oh my goodness! Just catching up on some blog reading and the food posts have made me hungry :). I only have a benchtop oven and an Easy Cook glass cooker, for regular baking, and the appliances and I are still coming to terms with each other. Wonderful that your kids like cooking, as well, and I think helping them to cook from scratch is the best gift you can give them before they leave home!

  2. Keeping the next generation engaged and interested about cooking from scratch is a important endevour. A good result by the looks. I'm partial to a good homemade biscuit and a cuppa.

  3. I've been following along with your blog waiting for the big reveal of the finished cookies. It looks and sounds like the cookies were a success. Now, if you could kindly just add smell-o-vision and taste-o-vision to your blog, I'd be one very happy blogger. Thanks for sharing your cooking adventure. --Andrea

    1. Thanks for following Andrea. Taste-o-vision would be wonderful - oh if only 🙂

  4. Cookies look great. After seeing these photos, now I want to have some and a cup of tea. :)

  5. Confidence in the kitchen is key and I love seeing kids get in there and have a go. Both my girls (26 and 23) are proficient cooks and bakers, partly from getting in there at an early age and from watching me prepare meals and bake yummy things! To be able to cook is a great life skill! ☺️


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