Cookie Challenge

As mentioned in my previous post 'Kids In The Kitchen And A New Challenge' our daughter has once again asked if she can bake something entirely on her own.  This means the planning, lists, shopping, timing and of course the cooking.

The past few weeks have been a little busy for her at school as she had her first taste of exams on Wednesday.  After studying hard and now sitting her exams she can now take a breath and relax knowing that she has done all she can.  Perfect time for doing something she absolutely loves which is baking.  Wonderful for relaxation too.

Last weekend she was sitting down with Nan flicking through her recipes when she came across Peanut Butter Cookies which Mum has made for her before.  She instantly grabbed pen and paper to write the recipe down.

Not just any cookie looking at this list of ingredients.

She set herself up at her desk last night and started her plan.  Coloured textas came out and off she went.  I'm a list person and love being organised and I have a feeling she may be just the same.

I'm impressed.

This part of the challenge is great as it shows her how careful planning and organisation really pay off in the end.  As we all know even the best plans may come across little hiccups along the way at times.  If this does happen then she will be prepared and alter things if needed and learn another great skill and lesson.

What a way to relax and I'm so glad she finds cooking such a pleasure.  Terrific confidence booster as well.


  1. Hope the planning and creating bring a successful result. Peanut butter bics are in my top 5.

    1. Wish we could share them with you.

  2. My Mum used to make peanut butter "crinkles" when we were girls and they are still a favourite though I hardly ever make them now...I think kids cooking in the kitchen is fantastic and sets them up for great life skills. My son is not a great fan of cooking unfortunately but he has been making homemade icecream with is Dad and he made a lovely chocolate/almond meal cake for dessert when he had two friends come for sleep over. It was delicious! Meg:)

    1. Your son's chocolate/almond meal cake sounds really good Meg. Good on him.

  3. I love this, I should get Will to do this, as he is nine. But that kid is a total disaster in the kitchen! I have never seen someone with such little, logical thought processes. And he can make a giant mess from the simplest things! He is a bit of a nutty professer, which he gets from his Dad. He will be great in the long run!

    Gus on the other hand is methodical, slow and tidy. I would happily let him in my kitchen! ;)


    1. Will sounds like he would have an absolute ball in the kitchen. I would probably let him at it before kitchen cleaning day :).
      I love having kids in the kitchen cooking. They also become more adventurous in trying new things too.


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