Cookie Challenge Update

Only two more sleeps until baking day.  Our daughter is working on another little cooking challenge.  Day 1 and Day 2 are complete.

Last night she completed all of her planning.  Working out the timing and steps to be taken may take a little time however it can make things so much easier later.  The work she has done so far will certainly benefit her on baking day.

Looking very organised.

Before writing her list today she needed to eat lunch and asked for eggs on toast.  She cooked them all on her own.  Here is how she cooks her perfect fried eggs.  Place a small amount of olive oil into a cold frying pan.  Crack an egg onto the oil.  Cook on medium heat for a few minutes or until the eggs are just how you like them.  In this case, runny yolks.  Place on hot buttered toast.
Perfect fried eggs - good on her.

Tummy full so then it was straight onto the shopping list.  She has looked at the ingredients needed and checked the pantry as well as the stockpile cupboard. 

As we have most of the ingredients her shopping list is a short one which is great.

All ready to shop.

Whilst I do our food shopping tomorrow our daughter will have her own basket and gather the ingredients on her own.  During her last challenge we discussed how to compare prices.  She also knows that just because something may be on sale doesn't necessarily mean it is the cheapest option.  We looked at price tags and compared how much per 100g or per sheet etc.  I will see how she goes tomorrow and if she has remembered some of these little lessons from last time. 

We had a small amount of Cadbury cooking chocolate in the pantry which she will use first.  Now the leftover chocolate needed a little taste testing first so what better way than with a hot chocolate.  

Chocolate passed the test.

Hot Chocolate whilst writing shopping list - perfect.

We are both having so much fun with this challenge yet again.  I think we will be talking about this cooking journey for a long time and have really good memories.


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    1. Like she said - 'someone has to do it.' 🙂

  2. Goodness me, Kylie...your girl is learning so much. I wish I had learned how to cook etc. when I was young but I don't think I was interested and can never remember my mother trying to teach me like you are doing. She will be forever grateful to you when she has left home.


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