Cabbage Pinata

The past few days our chickens have been having an absolute ball with their cabbage pinata.  I hung it in their run Thursday morning and they took to it almost immediately.  Once they worked out it was food there was no stopping them.

One hour later.

They were at this cabbage all day.  As the day progressed I would raise the height of the cabbage to make it a little more interesting for them.  As they pecked away it would swing from side to side and it was quite entertaining to watch them.  They certainly got their exercise as well as their greens as you can see from this photo.

End of day.

I kept the remainder of the cabbage inside for the night and then retied it this morning.  Once again I hung it from their run bright and early and once again they were at it.  I made it even higher this time so they really had to stretch.  Even with the cabbage swinging and the extra height it was no match for them.  I think next time they just may need to jump.

Here we have the remains of that poor cabbage.  That was only yesterday.  Hard to believe that just five little chickens did this.

I think the picture says it all.

A huge success and an activity I'll repeat once a month.  There are so many ideas on entertaining chickens which I would like to try as I think variety is best.  I especially like the idea of having them up and about doing something.  So many benefits.

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