Sauerkraut Is Ready

My next batch of sauerkraut is finally ready.  This batch started fermenting a little over four weeks ago.  I really missed having it as I enjoy it either on it's own or mixed through dishes.  Others don't seem to share the same enthusiasm as me I must say.  As it's been a while since my last lot I am taking it very slow.  At the moment I'm having about 1-2 tablespoons every second day.  I will slowly increase this.

I have sterilised the jar once again and stored in the fridge.  I have pushed it down to make sure it is covered with the brine.  Once it goes into the fridge the cold temperature really slows down the fermenting and it will keep for quite a while.

I could eat this by the bowl full.

Another lesson I've learnt is making sure the crockpot is completely dry before storing.  The first time I used the pot I followed the washing instructions and left it out to air before putting away.  A few days later I was ready to begin the next batch and was so surprised when I saw little bits of mold on the stone weights.  

I gave it all another good wash however this time I left it out to dry for about five days.  I also packed the weights in the cupboard next to the pot not inside with the lid on.  

As I've just finished my next batch I still have my pot out drying at the moment.  The weights feel dry to me now however I'm giving it a little longer just to be certain.  I'm determined not to make that same mistake again

Making sure everything is completely dry.

Now time to enjoy my long awaited sauerkraut.  Next time I may experiment with other recipes.


  1. I still have a bottle of sauerkraut in the fridge but have bought a wombok cabbage to follow Rhonda's kimchi instructions on her blog. I bought some once but it was much too salty so want to experiment myself. More fermenting coming up. LOL!

    1. I would love to know how you go with the kimchi. I have just had a look at Rhonda's recipe.


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