Our Meal Plans

Every Saturday I sit down with my diary, freezer list, recipe books and i-pad and work out a meal plan for the coming week.  Each week usually has a theme or focus as well as working around commitments.

Always have something sweet in the plan too 'Apple & Cinnamon Muffins'.

Last week I utilised a recipe book I had borrowed from the library called Small Victories.  I also had a look in the pantry and saw a few different jars filled with pearl barley, lentils and split peas.  As I would like to use as many ingredients from our pantry rather than buy new ones the search was on for ideas.

Firstly, I made two recipes from Small Victories and now have a new favourite which is Chicken and Ricotta Meatballs.  I've saved the recipe in Paprika as it is a definite keeper and the kids said they're the best meatballs ever.

Chicken and Ricotta Meatballs

The second recipe I made from Small Victories was the Red Lentil Curry with Coconut Milk. The kids were not overly keen however my husband thoroughly enjoyed this one.  Red lentils have now been used.

Julia Turshen's Red Lentil Curry with Coconut Milk

As we had an appointment late one afternoon I was also on the search for an easy meal and that's when I found Chicken and Rice Oven Baked.  Another success which has been saved in Paprika.

The meal almost cooks itself - great for busy nights.

Whilst planning I found these amazing Sausage Rolls which my daughter and I made together on the weekend.  They are so, so good and are now our 'go to' sausage rolls.

Super tasty sausage rolls.

Now back to those Apple and Cinnamon Muffins. Another success for us this week and another keeper.

The kids are always my very willing 'taste testers'.

That brings us to this current week.  So far I've used our pearl barley and brown lentils.  I've made a Vegetable and Barley Soup as well as Pasta with Lentil Bolognese.  Last night I made one of their favourites 'All In One Sausage Casserole' and Sunday night will be another favourite which is a Beef and Pasta Bake.  I'll share some of these recipes next week.

Another goodie which is currently in the oven is boiled chocolate cake - it smells so good right now.  I'll have it iced and ready for the kids this afternoon.  

I see so much of my Mum in myself.  We would come home from school and there was always something freshly baked for our afternoon tea.  Mum and Dad both enjoy cooking and cook so many things from scratch.  I hope to be able to cook just like them one day.  


  1. Lots of lovely homemade meals there, Kylie. YUM! I do my menu planning on a Thurs night (usually) for Friday shopping day. I check the freezer, fridge and pantry and see what I've got to work with. I write down a list of meals, then any extra stuff I need (after I check our small stockpile). Menu planning is a skill I've only really developed in the last year or so but I find it so good for saving money and reducing waste. Meg:)

  2. I think once you start and also work out a system that works for you you wonder how you ever did without it. There are just so many benefits.

  3. "I see so much of my mum in myself." I love this comment you made Kylie. This is an observation of myself that I make often and I make it with pride and thanks! Thank-you for sharing your recipes. Great to know they have had the "kid seal of approval!" Shopping in the garden, pantry, fridge and freezer first is a great way to save money, create unique dishes and have kitchen fun. Menu planning works so well for me. I do not know why I didn't do it 35 years ago!! Your blog is wonderful...keep up the great work. Cheers

  4. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment and happy menu planning too 🙂.

  5. Kylie, pearly barley is also nice in soup. Thanks for the links to the recipes. I will have to check them out. That red lentil curry looks very interesting.

    1. I hope you enjoy some of the recipes. I made a veggie and barley soup which was very fulfilling. I remember Mum's soups growing up. They were so thick you could stand a spoon in them, exactly how I like it 🙂.

  6. Your meals and planning look lovely. I'm still trying to figure out a menu plan that works for us. It doesn't seem like it should be so difficult, but for some reason menu planning is elusive for me. I guess I don't have a hard time making the plan, my problem is actually following it!


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