Mother's Day

Wishing all Mother's and Grandmother's a very Happy Mother's Day.  I've had an amazing day today and still am.  I'm enjoying everything about today and really taking the time to relax, unwind and best of all spend the day together.

The morning started off beautifully and has continued on.  A big hot breakfast of bacon, eggs (one courtesy of Floss), mushrooms, toasted zucchini bread and a lovely pot of coffee.

We all then gathered around the kitchen table in our pyjamas and I received a beautiful handmade card.

These are the best cards.

I was then given a lovely little glass teapot and warmer. 

Once we had all showered and let our chickens out into the run we went for a walk together with Samson.  It was such a lovely morning too.  We had a good look at the new housing estate and playground they are building.  Once home our Eggsy was running up and down and trying to get out of the run.  I put her in the coop and she jumped straight into a nesting box so I closed the door and let her be.

Whilst Eggsy was in the coop I jumped on my bike and went for a lovely ride along the bike paths and took it all in.  It was such a peaceful morning and I was really taking note of all of the birds.  They were so chirpy today.

Once home my daughter and I checked on Eggsy and here was another little gift.

Thanks Eggsy.

All this and it was still early.  Such a wonderful morning so far.  Now it was time to enjoy a cup of tea.  We sat in the loungeroom for just under two hours drinking cups of tea, chatting, cross stitching and reading.  As a Mother's Day gift I received Bestow Hibiscus & Cinnamon Herbal Tea which is a very special treat indeed and tastes amazing.  We just kept refilling the pot with boiled water reusing the 1 teaspoon of tea. 

Little flickering candle, warmth and a lovely aroma.

After such a wonderful morning we all then enjoyed a big lunch together at one of our favourite cafes.  Lovely food and a great time sitting together and chatting even more.

Love the all day brekkie menus.

The afternoon has been a time for everyone to relax and do their own thing.  Best part we are all at home together.  

I'm very full from our lunch so dinner for me will be something very small and light.  The others can always fit in my spaghetti bolognese so best start cooking soon.  Such an amazing day and it is still going.

Looking forward to curling up on the couch tonight with my cross stitch and watching bits of Masterchef and I'm sure we'll have the little pot of tea flickering away too.

Happy Mother's Day.  

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  1. It seems Floss delivered her own little Mothers' Day gift to you, Kylie. Love your teapot! Meg:)


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