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I'll always remember my very first cross stitch.  Growing up I had completed a few long stitch projects which I believe was a good stepping stone towards counted cross stitch.  I purchased my very first cross stitch at Myer back in 2000.  I will always remember the sales assistant asking me how long I've been cross stitching.  My reply 'this is my first one.'  She was very surprised and then said 'one stitch at a time.'  That comment has stuck with me throughout all of my cross stitch projects.  It may look like a huge task ahead and at times tricky however it really is just one stitch at a time.  I repeat this often.

I finished my first project in 2013.  It took me three years to complete but that is part of the joy.  The satisfaction at the end is huge.  A beautiful piece and something which I started and completed right to the very end.  It was originally hanging on our son's bedroom wall and now currently hangs in our daughter's bedroom.  

My very first counted cross stitch.

I always stitch my name and the year on the bottom right corner of my projects, hence the piece of paper.  

Winnie the Pooh and friends was next.  By the time I finished the kids were a little past Winnie.  This is my smallest project and was quite a lot of fun.

Second cross stitch.

December 2016 I finished my third cross stitch.  This one is proudly hanging in our loungeroom.  My three favourite dogs.  There was quite a bit of detail involved and it did take a few years to complete however bit by bit and stitch by stitch I got there.

Our Samson on the right.  I love this one a lot - very special.

Earlier this year I started another project.  All I knew was that I wanted a little cottage or garden of some sort.  I searched a lot until this Tin Roof House grabbed my attention almost instantly.  This is my first 'advanced' cross stitch.

I knew this was the one straight away.

The pattern is printed on both sides of the paper.   The first step is to complete all of the cross and half cross stitches.

This side shows the cross and half crosses.

The other side shows the back stitch and french knots.

Once I've finished all of the crosses and half crosses I will flip it over and complete the other stitches.  The half stitches had me for a while however I've finally worked it all out.  As they are made up of two different colours I need to make two quarter stitches to complete the half.

Here is a photo of where I am currently at with this one.  

I've no idea how long this one will take however I'll keep going little by little.  The longer it takes, the more enjoyment I get out of it and the greater satisfaction at the end too.

The other good thing I really like about cross stitch is that you can put it down and come back to it any time.  I've had lengthy rest periods with other projects and could very easily pick it up again.

I hope my cross stitch projects will remain in the family and be passed on.


  1. Ah, this reminds me again that I have an unfinished cross stitch project. I think I bought it in 2009 or 2010 and the last time I did it was sometime last year. Time to dig it up and continue.

    I love your cross stitch of three dogs. It's so beautiful.

    1. I hope I've inspired you to get it going again. Would love to know how you go.

  2. Wow Kylie, your cross stitch is absolutely stunning! We share the same love of a particular type of dog, so I would pick that as my favourite, but they are all really lovely. Margaret

    1. Oh they are just such beautiful dogs. Gorgeous faces with the best personalities to match. Thanks for your lovely comment Margaret.

  3. There is something calming about counting stitches for a cross stitch project. I haven't done any since high school but I would probably do it again when I get more time. I love the one with the dogs, they look so happy and it looks real. That is a lovely house you are stitching -- I would love to live in an old house like that.


    1. It was the tin roof which first grabbed me. Imagine sitting inside all cosy and warm and hearing the rain on the roof.

  4. That's such lovely work, Kylie. I love stitching, embroidery and cross stitch but I've not done any detailed projects like these. I must feel so satisfying when that last stitch is done! Meg:)

  5. Kylie, lovely to see your previous cross stitch projects and how you are getting on with the latest one. That advice of one stitch at a time is so good. I finally finished my project after 8 years and am now on the next one. Such a satisfying craft.

    1. Enjoy your next project Sarah 🙂


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