Coming Home to Our Pets

Monday morning I caught a train to the city for an appointment.  I relaxed with a big crossword on the train and then enjoyed a little stroll through the city laneways before my appointment.  It was then time to head home and I was straight back on the train with my crossword.  I do enjoy the city however only in small doses and by lunchtime was really itching to get back home.

It's all yours Samson.

The first thing I did was change out of my jeans into my comfy tracksuit and straight out into the backyard with my gumboots.  I threw Samson's toy around with him for a while and then let the chickens back out of the coop into the run.  I moved their run onto a lovely patch of green grass, gave them fresh water and moved their pellets into the run.  Then it was time to clean the coop a little and there was a fresh egg waiting for me.  Next up I grabbed Samson's lead and off we went for a walk.  Aaaaaah, deep breath, fresh air, our beautiful pets, birds.......yep, nothing like coming home.

I'll never tire of discovering eggs - they're little treasures.

Our chickens have been doing beautifully and teaching me so much as well as keeping us all very entertained.  The kids come home from school and jump into the run even before I get a greeting.  I looked out the window the other day and our son was cuddling one on his lap and there was another perched on his shoulder, such a wonderful sight.

Eggsy and Floss lay one egg each per day.

I am always talking to our chickens however one thing I won't be chatting about is what happened to an egg Floss had worked so hard for.  I was right at the fridge door and then splat.  I felt terrible and was literally on my hands and knees trying to pick it up.

I'm so sorry Floss xx.

 That brings me onto their meal plans.  Well not quite however they may as well.

Wholemeal pasta with veggies.

Brown rice with sweet potato and garlic powder.

I've changed our chickens eating routine a little.  Instead of giving them a warm meal in the morning I'm giving it to them one hour before they go back into the coop at night.  In the morning and during the day they eat their pellets, veggie scraps, grass, weeds, eggshells, mealworms etc.

Containers are always in the kitchen collecting shells and veggie scraps.

I change it up each day and make sure they get a lot of variety and essentials.  Sometimes I scatter things too to make it more interesting for them.  Just before bed they either get warm porridge, rice, pasta or mixed grains and shells scattered on the ground.  With the cold nights I can send them off to bed with warm bodies and full tummies.

Porridge with peas and corn - they left the peas until the very end.

Love it when they share.

Every Saturday and Sunday my husband is working so hard building a new run for our girls.  It is looking amazing so far.  Posts are now in and the sides are starting to go up.  He is also making a few steps to make it easier to get up and down as well as a small retaining wall next to the veggie garden.

Steps are coming along.

This next photo shows one of the walls which sits between the fence and night time coop.

I look at this and just can't wait now - it is going to be fantastic.

The walls will go down into the ground.

We are also placing another layer of thick wire all around the base of the fence for extra protection.  I am so happy with how it is looking.  My husband is doing such an amazing job, I just love it.

That's all from our backyard for now - until next time.

It is good to go out however I really, really love coming home to all of this. 


  1. I love how all three eggs have different colors. Though they eat the same food. I wonder if is due to the age of the hen...

    1. The one in the middle is from Eggsy which has a slightly blue tinge. They're all the same age. I think she is just clever 🙂. We love the colours too.

  2. Your chickens are getting a real feast! And it's lovely to see progress isn't it?


    1. It sure is. We are learning just so much too. Love it.


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