Chicken Routine

Our beautiful chickens are bringing just so much joy, more than we ever imagined.  Unexpected joy too.  For example sometimes I see the kids walk in the back gate after school and jump straight into the chicken run even before coming inside.  It's just a lovely sight seeing them so happy.  There will be chickens on their heads, shoulders, laps, pecking at them, clucking and the kids are just loving it.  It's the best.

We are slowly getting to know each other and a little routine has naturally developed between us, our chickens and Samson.  

  They certainly love their food.

Early Morning
I walk up to the coop and there they all are sitting at the window practically on top of each other having a good old chat.  With the run up against the coop I open both doors and out they plop.  Once I've hung their fresh water and pellets in the run I then go and give the coop a little clean.  We have a container for all the chicken manure and bits of bedding which will make a wonderful compost for the garden once ready.

Mid Morning
I always give them any fruit and veggie scraps, especially greens.  They love kale leaves.  Sometimes I pull up some long green grass from around the yard, chop it a little and scatter that around.  Other days a few little bunches of lucerne as they love scratching around in that.

As the days are a little cooler I usually give them something warm.  Some days it is rice and veggies with some bone broth and others porridge I've made with rolled oats, water, cinnamon and seeds.  The other day I had made bone broth and gave them the veggies and bits of meat and they loved it.

 Warm porridge on a cold day.

I've also worked out it is better to place more than one food container in the run otherwise there is too much pushing and shoving.  Sometimes they're all trying to get to the one container not realising there is another.

 'Pssst Candy, look to your right.'

We also collect eggshells, rinse them, crush them up and keep them in a container on the bench.  Every few days I microwave them and then crush them a little more.  They really enjoy the eggshells, especially Floss.

Little collection ready to microwave and a little more crushing.

They're not the only ones who like their food.  Whilst they munch away our Samson is never far away.

I'm sure you would clean that food up in seconds Mr. Samson.

They are just so, so comfortable with Samson.  Sometimes I'll see him laying right up against their run fast asleep in the sun.  They have their little heads poking out inspecting him and he doesn't take any notice.  He just wants their food.  

I hang their fresh water inside the coop ready for the night and then jump into the run with them.  We have a little play and cuddle before I open the two doors and they usually jump right in.  Sometimes there is a straggler who needs capturing.

Now this is Samson's favourite part.  Once our girls are safely in bed Samson hops into the run and cleans up any food scraps left behind.  He gets every last crumb.  I think this little system works really well.  No food scraps left by the time he is finished therefore hopefully no rodents.  

Work has also started on their new outdoor run.  We are building a larger, sturdier run which will be attached to the coop.  We will also be able to stand up inside.  This will make it so much easier letting them in and out and also stronger to keep eager Samson out as well as foxes.

 Our daughter is learning so many new and useful skills.

The plan is to make all of the frames and then attach the chicken wire.  A ditch will then be dug for the frames, posts put in and then a door.  My husband has been working on these for the past two weekends and I'm so grateful - thankyou.  

 Frames coming together.

There is a bit of work ahead however once again it is creating great memories.  Really looking forward to this new run and I'm sure our girls will love it too.

Floss, Candy, Harriett, Eggsy and Annie all say 'see you next time.'


  1. Kylie, I can see you really love your chooks already and how great for children to have the experience of looking after chooks and animals. It does them so much good.

  2. It looks like you and your chickens have definitely settled into a routine and have become a nice addition to your days. You are making want some chickens!

  3. How wonderful that your days are revolving around these amazing little ladies! Makes me smile. Dad and I scrounge lettuce leaves etc from the big bin in the vegies dept for Steve-next-door's chooks...we are their best friends xx

  4. Oh, more chicken news! You seem to be enjoying them a lot Kylie. ANd how great is it that your daughter is learning so much a long the way.

    You have a great system there with Samson doing the cleaning. I can't wait to see the new run.


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