I'm fairly new to making sauerkraut however am really enjoying the taste and health benefits.

First of all I made some newbie mistakes with my first lot.  I have learnt and now do the following:

  • make sure all of the cabbage is fully submerged in the brine;
  • start by eating very small amounts only and slowly build up as your body becomes used to it.  I ended up eating 1 tablespoon a day and slowly increased from there.  I now eat about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup per day or every few days.
  • if storing your crockpot make sure it is left open and weights are separate as mould can form within a few short days.  It needs to be kept very dry.
You can make sauerkraut with jars or a crockpot.  I use a crockpot and find it works well for me.  This is the one I use.

I leave the cabbage to ferment four weeks at room temperature and then I transfer it to a large jar and store in the fridge.

Today I started my third batch.  I really only have about one day left of my previous batch so I will need to wait a while now.  Next time I will get a new one started much sooner so I always have it on hand.

This morning I washed, dried and shredded the cabbage.  I then weighed it so I could work out how much salt to use.  The weight was approximately 1.5kg and I used approximately 1.5 tablespoons of salt.  

I managed to get cabbage all over the bench and floor whilst cutting.

Once the cabbage was shredded I grabbed a good handful and placed it into the crockpot with a little of the salt.  I started massaging and pressing down until the cabbage started to sweat and I could see brine forming.  I then added another handful with salt and kept going until I had used all of the cabbage.  It actually takes a bit of energy to keep massaging and pressing down but it was worth it.  By the time I had finished it had enough brine to cover the cabbage.

I then added the weights and pushed them down as well.  The brine rose over the weights as well so I'm very happy that I have everything submerged properly.

This brine is purely from the salt and cabbage only.  I didn't need to make any extra brine.

Once I was comfortable that all was covered well I filled the little moat around the top rim with water and put the lid on.  The lid has a little lip so every day I will slightly lift it to release some pressure 'burping.'  I will also check the cabbage every now and then.

All done and fermenting - day one.

This is only my third batch so I hope it works well.  I'll take some photos in about a week and update on how it is progressing.  If I come across problems then I'll try to fix them and learn along the way.


  1. Kylie I make mine in a moccona coffee jar and when the pressure builds up the lid lifts and when I notice that I just push it back down. I haven't made any for a while but now that it is getting into brassica season I will pick up a cabbage at the farmers' market soon.

  2. Sauerkraut has been on my to-do list for a while. I look forward to more photos.


  3. great post Kylie, I've had a couple of goes but should try again as it is so good for the gut xx

  4. I have to give it a try, thanks for this post!

  5. If you do get around to making your own I would love to hear how you go.

  6. I've had sauerkraut several times, but never made it. I think it's an acquired taste :) One of these days I should try making some.


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