Outdoor Chicken Coop

Progress is being made with our outdoor chicken coop.  Each weekend brings us that little bit closer to our chickens.  I keep picturing them and really am looking forward to them.  We all are.

The indoor coop is now fully complete.  I have the pine wood shavings all ready to go.  They will be spread out on the coop floor just before the official arrival of our chooks.  We have also left the nesting boxes empty until it gets closer however we have the materials all ready to go.

We will be having a hanging water bucket and are still looking into food containers.  There are so many ideas on the internet it is a matter of deciding which best suits us here.

Work has now begun on our chicken's outdoor area.  Eventually we would really like to free range them however we'll let them settle for quite a while and get a feel for how Samson is with them.  Also gives us time to get comfortable with it all too.

The idea is to be able to move the outdoor coop around to different areas of the yard so we have made it as lightweight as possible.

First stage complete.

We have started making a little swinging door at one end and the other will be enclosed.  The outdoor coop can be moved to sit against the indoor coop and we can have both doors open for the chickens to come out in the morning and return at night.  

Beginnings of an inward swinging door.

Our next steps are to secure the door and close in the back as well as around the door itself.  We will have it all fitting snug and tight once fully complete.

Back will soon be fully enclosed.

The past 24 hours we have received constant rain which was very heavy overnight.  It has also been very windy.  I could hear the rain hitting our bedroom window last night so I also knew it was coming in at an angle.  The first thing I did this morning was check the indoor coop.  Perfect test to see if it's fully waterproof.  There is a small wet area just inside the door and one of the nesting boxes has a few drops of water as well.  This box is very close to the door and window.  Considering the amount of rain we've had plus the strong winds and rain hitting the door I'm happy with the outcome.  I believe once we seal underneath the door well and around the window it will be fully waterproof.  Apart from this one little area the rest of the coop was completely dry.  Perfect test run last night and I'm glad we know what needs sealing.

 Tad bit of water inside the coop from heavy downpour.

Every weekend our daughter is asking about the coop and wanting to know what will be done next.  The next question is then 'can we get chickens this weekend.'  We would have chickens right now if we could however we want to be completely ready for them.  Once they arrive all will be in place and waiting for them.  We hope they can move in, feel safe, comfortable and have full tummies.

Not sure what it is about chickens but they've won my heart.
Our chooks will most definitely receive lots of love.  


  1. Are you getting point-of-lay chickens Kylie? Or younger ones? Where are you getting them? Your coop is really coming along quite nicely! Will be showing DH later.


  2. The chickens will be about 18 weeks of age. We are getting them from Perry's Produce which is close by for us. They have been great so far with advice and supplies.

    We are really keen to watch Better Homes and Gardens this week as they are building a chicken coop. Even though ours is well underway we are still very interested and may pick up some other ideas too.

  3. Kylie, thanks for the info about Better Homes and Gardens this week. I already have chicken coop envy seeing what you have built already.

  4. Wow. One of those would be great here! I'll be showing this to hubby.


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