Our Autumn Garden

Once again I have been having an absolute ball out in the garden and the weather has been superb.  The past few weeks have seen me harvesting, preparing for our winter crops, planting and learning more and more.

Over the last few weeks I planted broccoli and cauliflower seedlings, parsnip and extra herbs.  As I knew we were due for rain I made sure I had them all planted on the Saturday.  Along comes Sunday and the welcome rain.  I think my little veggies were very happy - dancing in the rain.

 I love broccoli so hoping I'm successful with these.

The chives and coriander have had quite a number of 'haircuts' to keep up with our eating.  They are a lovely bright colour and growing back so quickly.  I guess with the frequent cutting it is encouraging more growth.

Coriander and you can just see the chives at the top.

First harvest of coriander.

Our eggplant has been doing really well.  Even though I planted them all at the same time the eggplant is forming at different stages which has been great.  I have harvested and used so many as well as given quite a few to Mum and Dad.  Everything looks and tastes so much better from your own backyard.  I'm really proud of the eggplant as it is another 'first' for me.

 Here is my very first eggplant.

The pumpkin however has been challenging me.  The vines are growing along the ground and tiny little pumpkins finally started to form.  However they wouldn't grow very big at all before turning yellow and going soft.

One sad looking pumpkin.

After researching I came up with two possible reasons.  One being too much water.  I've since cut back with the watering.  Second reason could be that they lay on the ground and are therefore too moist.  I believe this is the problem.  I've since placed a dish under them to keep them off the ground and they're not going mouldy.  I just need them to grow now.

Much healthier looking.  Just need you to grow now little pumpkin - please.

I have also potted our little lemon tree and have it sitting in just the right spot.  After I had finished potting, laying down the compost and mulching I then watered it all in.  I've never potted a lemon tree before so I hope I've done everything right.  It will soon let me know I'm sure.  

Next morning I noticed the mulch was on the ground.  It was quite neat too.  Just like someone had come along and carefully taken it off and gently placed it on the ground around the base of the pot.  

 Lemon tree 'demulched' - hmmmm not too happy.

It didn't take long before I discovered just what had happened.  Seems someone likes the smell of the compost.  I believe the photo explains everything.

 Our Samson is the culprit!

Lucky you have that gorgeous face Samson.  You can't be angry with him long, too cute.

Now I'm hoping with all the planting, pruning, mulching, composting our garden will move onto the next stage and hopefully by winter we will have some new veggies.

We may have a small veggie patch but so much happens.  It changes so quickly and really keeps you on your toes.  Loving it more and more.

I'm ready for the next stage and any challenges which lay ahead.

 My new boots - soft 'cushiony' insoles included.


  1. You are way ahead of me with your planting, Kylie. Normally I would have lots of veggies planted but because I was sick I am way behind, I only have silverbeet in so far and have decided not to plant brassicas this year due to the pests so will buy them from the farmer's market. You are doing so well.

  2. Love your idea of saucers under the pumpkins. I went straight out and did the same thing to ours! We only have two at the moment so they're precious. We lost our last lot to something with big teeth.....rats? Not sure. (It was very weird). Your garden is looking fab and so is your blog!

    1. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment.

      I hope your pumpkins make it too.

  3. Cheeky Samson! Our elderly Sir Steve dog (a Labrador too) loves to snuffle about in freshly laid compost and he has a particular place in our garden where he digs rather excitedly on occasion! Hmmm... Looks like you've got a good range of veg in now. Meg:)

  4. I loved reading about your garden Kylie, as I'm a keen gardener as well. I'm happy to have discovered your blog, it's really cosy and beautiful to read.

    1. Thankyou so much and I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog. Really happy to have you here and welcome.

  5. The summer and early autumn have been very cruel to my garden Kylie, but I am now starting to plant out some veggies. Right now is beautiful weather for gardening isn't it? My husband has been out mowing gathering 'the green stuff' for my new compost heap. Bless him!

  6. So with your pumpkins, you need to cut the runners off after the first two pumpkins as they are water guzzlers. We had to water ours every day. If you leave all the pumpkins on one runner they will not fare well as they are sharing with other pumpkins and fighting for their lives. My husband made the mistake of planting 16 plants too close together when we didnt read up on it, so had to cut all the runners after 2 pumpkins on each to make good pumpkins

  7. I am guessing the runners are the secondary vines. I'll do that today and see how they go. Got to keep trying different things and eventually I will get pumpkins. Even if it doesn't happen this time I know a lot more for next year's planting.
    Thankyou for your help.


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