Odds and Ends

Such an exciting week we've had once again.  When I look back I realise just how much we have also achieved.  Items ticked off my 'running list', kids back at school, menu plans, bike rides and more.  There have been a few after school appointments and quite a bit of running here and there but we've still managed to fit quite a lot of fun and enjoyable things in there too.  That makes all the difference.

One of my daughter's most memorable days last week would be our bike ride together.  We were riding in an area where the houses are on fairly large properties and also quite hilly.  All of a sudden a little white dog ran out onto the road and right up the middle.  We finally caught up and it didn't take long before we were both totally smitten with this little one.  Such a friendly and cuddly dog and more than happy being in our arms.  That was it, my daughter wanted to take her home.  I called the mobile number on her tag and left a message however no return call.  Next we checked the address on her tag which was a good block away.  I knew we couldn't leave her on the road so I popped her in my basket to see how she goes.  It was just like she belonged, right there in my basket.  We pedalled her over hills, walked up the steep ones and chatted to her until we finally found her home.  Had a quick chat with a neighbour who commented that she escapes quite a lot.  Fingers crossed that she remains home safe and sound now.  Must say I've never had a dog in my basket before.  We'll remember this bike ride for a long time especially our fury little friend.

Such an adorable, friendly little dog.

During the week we also visited some chickens as we are now ready to bring home our very own.  Tomorrow we are visiting another place which is a bit of a drive however I really like the look of their chickens.  This one seems very promising indeed.  The coop is now all complete so in just one more sleep we could be welcoming our little chickens home.

 Ready for a warm welcome.

We will also place a little straw on the floor so they can scratch around.  The timber under the perches will hopefully make cleaning up a little easier.

A couple of items I ticked off my 'running list' this past week were tidying up the stockpile cupboard and finishing off my homemade citrus cleaner.

Stockpile cupboard - tick.

Orange & lemon peel - 17 days in vinegar.

 Strained and ready to go.  Another tick for the list.

I finished reading One Plus One by Jo Jo Moyes this week as well.  A trip to the library to pick up another two books I had ordered.  I love going to the library especially on my bike and having the books in my basket.  There is just something about it.
I'll be curling up on the couch very soon with these.

As well as reading I've been cross stitching every night on the couch.  First time reading a pattern with fractional stitches so have had my husband trying to work things out with me.  Together we seem to have it sorted - I think.  I'll share some photos soon.

Next week's menu plan has a few new dishes from various books which I'm looking forward to making.  Two from my Australian Women's Weekly Cookbook called 'Sausage & Tomato Casarecce' and 'Chicken, Leek and Asparagus Pie'.  Also 'Slow Beef Stew in Slow Cooker' from my Down to Earth book.  Looking forward to making these dishes and hopefully sharing some good family dinners with you. 

Looking forward to another great week but for now I think it's just about time to have dinner and then curl up on that couch with my cosy pyjamas.  Have a great weekend. 


  1. Hi Kylie, Ticking things off the to do list is sooooooo satisfying. I always have a couple of lists on the go - a daily one and a longer time frame one. I am bit of a list of a "listaholic". While I do not have a list of my lists I do have quite a few as they make my life so much more organised and I really like that.
    Enjoy all the chook excitement- there is something wonderful about chickens. You are in for hours of fun. They do have personalities and individual quirks. Chicken watching is quite a relaxing pastime!
    Think of all that wonderful chicken manure for your compost and garden too. Cheers Jo

    1. Oh Jo I am practically watching the clock right now as we will be on our way just before lunchtime. I think chicken watching will be perfect for me. I even like the smell, everything about them. Have a great day.

  2. Aww I thought you got another dog. How is Samson doing Kylie?
    I too just started another batch of citrus vinegar. It's amazing how well it cleans.

    Hope you are having a great weekend. xx

  3. Thanks for asking about Samson. He is a little slower however everything else seems to be normal. He is a real joy.

    Having a great weekend. Enjoy your weekend too.



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