Hot Cross Buns - First Time

Over the weekend I finally made my first ever Hot Cross Buns. I really wanted to use the recipe from my 'Australian Women's Weekly Best Ever Recipes' as this book is special to me.  It comes from the Down to Earth Forum and it reminds me of everyone each time I use it.  A treasure of a book with beautiful photos and recipes.

My much loved book.

The buns did take an afternoon to complete from start to finish however most of that time was with the rising.  The recipe was simple enough and I got on with other things during the three rises.

 Dough after the second rise.

After the second rise I then divided the dough into 90g balls (makes 16) and left them to rise for the final time.  Then the fun part of piping the crosses.  My piping skills need a little tweaking.  I did improve as I went along.  Letting the icing fall onto the buns and guiding the line makes for much straighter and consistent lines I found out.

Once they had their squiggly crosses it was time for their third and final rise before baking.  The aroma whilst they were baking is just so, so good - one of my favourite and a smell which reminds me of Easter as a child.  I remember Mum would wrap them up in foil and heat them in the oven for breakfast.  Every time I smell Hot Cross Buns now it reminds me of these happy times.  As strange as this may sound it's a 'cosy' smell to me.

Once baked I left them to cool in the tin.

Patiently waiting for them to cool.

Once cool I brushed the glaze over them.  Next time I will glaze them whilst warm as I did find the glaze a little too thick and was drying rather fast.  To me the glaze really finishes them off as far as looks go as well as taste.

 Glaze was drying very quickly therefore was a little 'stringy'.  Next batch I will glaze whilst warm.

I will definitely be making these again a few times between now and Easter.  Next time I will make them up all the way to the cooking stage, cover them and refrigerate overnight.  In the morning I'll pop them into the oven and hopefully the lovely smell will drift through the house to my sleeping family and they can wake up to a warm, cosy kitchen with Hot Cross Buns for breakfast.

Warm Hot Cross Buns with butter - yummo!


  1. oh my...go K! I think I can smell them cooking from here. I remember how much you love that book too, I have several of theirs and they really are classics aren't they? xx

    1. I would share them with you if I could Sue xx.

  2. Well done! I haven't made easter buns in years.

  3. They look great. If I was closer I'd pop round for one :-)

  4. Like Sue I can almost smell them from here, Kylie. You have done well with them.

  5. I bet your kitchen smelt AMAZING while they were baking, Kylie. I have never made my own hot cross buns... both the "boys" in my home don't like sultanas or currants or raisins. Instead, I'm trying out a new-to-me recipe for a buckwheat, pear and dark chocolate loaf. I hope it turns out as nicely as your hot cross buns. Meg:)

    1. That sounds really interesting Meg. I use buckwheat grains to make warm, thick porridge. Today I'm making a Paleo bread using almond butter. I've just finished roasting and grinding the almonds. The nut butter alone is amazing.

      Love to know how your bread goes.


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