Chickens - Getting Close

Getting just so excited now as the day we bring our very first chickens home gets closer and closer.  The indoor and outdoor coops are complete.  All that's left now is basically time to 'set up house'.

My husband used foam which had originally come from the trampoline to cover up any sharp pieces of wire on the chicken run.  I tend to throw things out whereas he is the opposite and keeps everything.  I guess I'm glad he had kept the foam bits.

Now fully enclosed and sharp edges covered up.

A rope has been attached to the swinging door so we can pull it open from the top and then tie the rope to hold open if need be.

The idea is to move the outdoor run up against the indoor coop in the mornings.  As the door opens inwards we can hold it open with the rope and then open the indoor coop door which also opens inwards.  The chickens can then wander into the run without escaping and once inside we release the rope and lock the door into place.  We will do the opposite when they return to the coop of an evening.  Sounds good in theory so hoping it works.

Door opens inwards so we can have it flush against the night coop.

This will hold the door closed once the chickens are inside the run.

In order to make the outdoor run easy to move around our daughter came up with a great idea.  She has attached a rope which then allows you to easily pull the run along the ground.  Some really good ideas have come from the kids.
This rope makes all the difference.

Recently we had a good dumping of heavy rain which was unusual and may not happen often however we still want to make sure our chickens are dry.  The next morning we did notice a very small area in the coop had water.  It was an unusual downpour and one which is extremely rare however we took it as an opportunity to make sure everything is sealed.  We worked out that as the rain was hitting hard against the window the water did seep through a little.  Our daughter has now put silicone around the window and covered up any small holes in the timber.  She did it by herself with just a little help squeezing the silicone out of the tube.

Our daughter's handiwork.
The only thing left now is our chickens.  It's hard to believe that the day is almost here.  We have a few places lined up to visit.  After doing a little research on the internet and asking people questions at the Farmer's Market we decided to have a look at a few places and make a decision from there.  I would like to see where the chickens are raised, how well they are looked after and ask questions.

We visited the first lot of chickens two days ago.  We were surrounded by chickens clucking, noisy roosters, mixed breeds, pure breeds, old and young.  There were so many different sections. We saw some beautiful looking chickens.  My favourite was the Rhode Island Red.  We've been discussing what type to purchase and I'm leaning towards mixed breeds mainly at this stage however we're still deciding. 

Once we do bring our chickens home we will leave them inside the coop for a few days to settle and then hopefully when we do let them out into the run they'll return of an evening.

17 week old mixed.

Also found another place which is a little further afield.  They have free range chickens and have been great over the phone so far.  We are visiting them on Sunday and we will have boxes in the carHoping to come home with chickens this weekend.

This is just so, so exciting.  I'm sure once we bring our chickens home I'll be sharing a lot of photos and stories about them.  

Everyone here has thought of a name each however I've decided to wait.  Once I meet the chickens and they've settled in a little I will then think of a name based on it's character - well that's my thought anyway.  I have a few names in mind.

Water and feeders are ready, nesting boxes ready, perches, coops all ready.  We will lay the wood shavings and straw on Saturday.  We are ready to go and welcome our chickens home.




  1. Kylie, now exciting for you. I hope the outdoor run works well. Now to just choose your new chookie family and bring them home to their sparkling new coop.

    1. We have our fingers crossed it will work too. If not we'll get around it somehow. I am so looking forward to it and introducing them to you all xx.

  2. Oh, you must be so looking forward to bring them home. It's great that you are so well prepared for them, have thought through everything. Looking forward to "meeting" them here. Meg:)

    1. Looking forward to them just so much now Meg. I hope we've prepped everything, doing our best as 'newbies.'

  3. I have really enjoyed this series. Can't wait to see your chickens!


    1. Thanks you so much Mrs. Meagre. I really am just so, so excited.

  4. I am almost as excited as you and your family...can't wait to meet them...have you been considering names? xx

    1. Oh Sue I don't know who is more excited - me or the kids. Everyone here has a name picked out except myself. I'll decide once I've met my new chicken.

      I'm literally bursting here and counting the sleeps.


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