Chickens - First Few Days At Home

It is hard to believe that we have only had our chickens 5 days.  They already feel part of our family and they have been an absolute hit especially with the kids. 

Candy says 'Hi'.

Our girls spent their first few days inside their coop to become accustomed to their new home, each other and having us around.............a lot. 

Tuesday was their big day outside.  We were all home with Mum and Dad visiting so perfect timing.  It didn't take long before one took the plunge and within minutes all five had ventured out.  

 Our first outing.

Time to bring Samson over for an introduction.  We had him on his lead at first.  He was naturally very intrigued and once we let him off lead he jumped and barked a few times however not much else.  After a short time he was snoozing away on the decking.

Checking things out.

Over the last few days they've eaten well, settled in, shown their huge personalities and are amazingly friendly.

Eating warm porridge on a very cold Wednesday.

Enjoying a little rice with veggies and crushed eggshell.

Yesterday I noticed they were all sitting. I had not idea what was happening so did a quick google search and read all about 'squatting.'

Little Annie doing the 'squat'.

The most friendly of all is our Floss.  Whenever I go to the clothesline she comes right over and sticks her head out for a chat, eats out of our hands, pecks our clothes and just wants to be close.

Love our Floss.

This morning I was out when my husband called to say Samson got into the run and the chickens were out.  I couldn't get home quick enough, heart was a racing.  We just couldn't believe how relaxed they were.  They also enjoyed their little romp around the yard.  Floss was quite happy staying in the run with Samson and he was having a good old munch on their pellets and not taking much notice of them at all. They were not fazed one bit and I'm surprised how calm Samson was too.  Anyway a very close call so we have fixed the door and secured it along the sides as well as the base.

Over the next few weeks we are actually going to start on a permanent structure.  We have our plan and are beginning this weekend.  It will be large enough for us to stand, much easier to let our girls in and out, more secure and also more space for them.  Another adventure coming up.

Our chickens are such a joy.  We love greeting them each morning and seeing them all waiting at the coop window.  During the day watching them busily eating, chatting, scratching, squatting and so much more.  Wow, I thought I was busy.  These girls just keep going and going always doing something.  Love it! 

See you next time.


  1. Chickens are such a joy aren't they Kylie?! Yours look just gorgeous. When we built our enclosure the grass was pecked away in no time at all. It's just hard earth now, and I have some sugar cane mulch in there for them to scratch around in. They are let out every day and make a bit of a mess in the gardens, but it is what they are used to. When I eventually have to get some new girls I may keep them inside, as our run in huge. Did you know that when their combs get longer that's a sign that they will start laying?

    1. Going to go and check their combs and wattles now :).

  2. They look like they have settled in, Kylie. Endless entertainment for you and Samson too! Meg:)

    1. Oh I could watch them for so long Meg. Busy, busy girls.

  3. How cute, Kylie. That would put your mind at ease kniwing that Samson behaved so well. You do get attached to chookies.

    1. All he wants is there food. Typical Lab.

  4. I'm so glad that you now have your girls to watch and play with. Enjoy.

  5. They are lovely chickens. I find chickens can be very entertaining if you have the time to watch them. Enjoy your new "housemates" as hens tend to like to have a sticky beak at everything!


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