Chicken Coop Looking Good

Our chicken coop previously known as 'the cubby' is really taking shape now.  Dad came over last weekend and everyone worked together once again.  It was a busy yard, lots of discussions, laughing, power tools etc.

Busy little backyard.

We now have a window.

End result we have a window, floor covering, nesting boxes, perches and everything is now very secure.  All up we have two shelves each holding three nesting boxes.  We can purchase up to five chickens so this will be plenty.  The perches are along the back wall and have different levels.  Eventually we will have a tray underneath the perches to catch all of the droppings and therefore easier to clean.

 Nesting boxes.


Now we are deciding on materials to cover the floor and nesting boxes and also discussing hanging water containers, feed trays etc.  As with everything you read so many different experiences and opinions.  Some say straw is better on the coop floor and others wood shavings.  I believe wood shavings are good because it makes cleaning much easier and they are not so damp.  At this stage it is looking like pine wood shavings.

Once I knew Dad was arriving Saturday to help I knew straight away that I would be baking his favourite cake - Madeira Cake.  First thing Saturday morning I started measuring, sifting, mixing and then baking this wonderful cake from Nigella Lawson's website.  First time making this and knowing it is Dad's favourite cake had fingers crossed it would pass the taste test.  He loved it!  Fantastic recipe and one I highly recommend.  You can find the recipe here.

 Actually looks very similar to Nigella's photo - now that doesn't happen often.

 This cake has the perfect texture and has a wonderful top as well.

I'm really enjoying this journey of ours and spending all of this time with Dad and having everyone together.  I think if I ask them they would all say the same.  I also like cooking for everyone and having them all sit together enjoying their company, conversations and having the kids involved with everything.

Then we moved onto Sunday and well time to think about lunch for everyone.  You can't beat cocktail frankfurts with tomato sauce.  Mmmmmm another great day and memories for us to keep forever.

Our daughter's lunch just before they were 'sauced'.

Next step on this wonderful, wonderful journey is the outdoor area.  We have some great plans here and most of the materials to get going.  Getting so excited now and enjoying each and every step.


  1. It will be nice to get your chicken coop finished Kylie. You are having lots of fun building it though I can tell.

  2. Like me you are enjoying multi-generations working together, I think it's so important for the children to see how capable the oldies still are and know how much joy it brings them to watch our children working alongside xxx

  3. That's a very nice chicken coop Kylie.

  4. Love the nesting boxes! And the Madeira cake looks yum, I might make one today :) -mrsmeagre

    1. Would love to know how you go with the cake - enjoy.

  5. Your chickens are going to be soooooooooooo happy in their coop!
    Looking great. Such a wonderful sense of achievement when things come together like this coop (it really is a great "chook house".. I loved our chook house on the farm when we were kids!).. and your gardening..... and cooking .... and ..........brilliant effort and planning. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Jo


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