A Mixed Bag

Our kids are currently on school holidays and we just can't believe how fast they're going.  They've had a few pyjama days and sleep-ins which has been really good.  My daughter and I had some one on one time together.  We went to the movies and saw Dance Academy which was so, so.  The kids used to watch the series on TV.  I know the choc top went down well as I didn't hear boo from her during the ads and previews in the beginning.  After the movie we went out for lunch together and chatted for a good hour and a half.  We really enjoyed our time together.

We've also been baking a lot and making Easter treats.  On Friday I made the third lot of hot cross buns all ready for Easter.  I think they're really going to miss their hot cross buns.  I have had a good catch up on freezer meals and baking for the freezer too.

 Beef Bone Broth sizzling away.

Freshly made ghee still hot and smelling wonderful - 'liquid gold'.

Last week I received two deliveries in the mail.  One was a 'Living Synergy Nut Milk Bag' which I've been eyeing off for quite a while now.  The other was a pack of 2 reusable beeswax food wraps from Biome.  I was on their 'notify me' list for a few weeks and was so happy when I received the email saying they were back in stock.  I ordered them straight away.  I've since noticed they're out of stock again, must be popular.  Here are the ones I purchased.  I'll be using these for our daughter's school lunch and snacks instead of her trying to carry around containers.  Once she has eaten she can pop the wraps into her pocket until the end of lunchtime.
 My new toys!

As well as cooking I've also caught up with cleaning and organising.  Well not quite 'caught up' but a move forward - do you ever catch up completely?  I have made a new batch of laundry liquid and miracle spray and also have my next citrus cleaner in a mason jar.

Laundry liquid ready to share with Mum.

 Start of another citrus spray.

The organising part of my last few weeks included an item which I have on my 'running list'.  Wipe down and sort the pantry and stockpile cupboard.  Well I can now tick the pantry off the list.  The stockpile cupboard is next.

Pantry all done.  Look out stockpile cupboard, you're next.

Just as I start to get onto things and tick items off the washing machine decides to stop working.  I found the booklet to look up the error code and description said to call the after sales service line.  'Here we go' was my first thoughtWe purchased the machine in 2012 and the shop has also closed down.  Anyway long story short they came out in two days and I'm more than happy with the service.  I received a text in the morning notifying me of a timeframe and then another phone call 30 minutes before they arrived.  Within 10 minutes he was finished, I signed his i-pad and was left with a brand new motor fitted to our machine.  He said it was clearly just wear and tear and therefore no cost to us at all.  Thankyou Samsung.  I will purchase Samsung again without a second thought, very happy.

Love this little machine.

Another thing I've been doing is enjoying time in the garden.  The weather has been rather well behaved.  I've also been on my bike every day riding through our parks and also looking at the new houses popping up everywhere.  I'm amazed how quickly they go up and how close together.

I've also knitted one more dishcloth for backup and have since moved back onto my cross stitch.  More on that one later.  It is my first 'advanced' cross stitch which is challenging me but also teaching me a lot.  I am pedantic and if something isn't perfect it gets pulled out.  This one uses half stitches, back stitches, knots and is quite detailed.  

My motto - 'one stitch at a time'.

We've been busy, busy, busy.  Chicken coop is progressing well, lots of cooking, organising, movies, birthdays, catch-ups, our monthly farmer's market - 'Happy Busy'.

Our daughter has been having fun decorating Scotch Finger bikkies.

I look forward to updating our chicken journey again very soon too.  Getting very exciting now. 


  1. I enjoyed reading your round up of the last few weeks. Good result on the washing machine. Like you I enjoy cross stitching but my current project is one I have been trying to finish for several months. Only the French knots and framing to do now. I look forward to seeing more of yours later. Have a lovely Easter.

  2. You've been very busy. :) And again your cross stitch reminded me that I need to continue mine.
    Citrus cleaner is amazing isn't it?
    My to-do list always growing, and I never 'catch up'. As long as everything is planned ahead and no rush I'm happy. :)

  3. You have been busy, I need to do all the laundry soap stuff as well.

  4. I echo what they said -- you have been very, very busy! Which hot cross bun recipe did you end up choosing? Or maybe I had missed a post?

    I have also been thinking about making homemade ghee for a prata recipe I had been meaning to try. I hadn't done cross-stitch since high school...

    When I get myself organised (hopefully next month), I will have a go at making some beeswax wraps. I had set aside some cotton fabric for it and I always have beeswax for salves and soap.

    Good luck with your stockpile cupboard. You're on a roll!


    1. I used the AWW recipe for the hot cross buns however I doubled the fruit. It is under my recipes tab.

      My daughter and I have just made her school lunch for tomorrow and the beeswax wrap worked really well.

      Hope you get a chance to make ghee at some stage.

  5. Sounds like you've had a busy and happy few weeks, Kylie. Your pantry looks great and you've reminded me mine is in serious need of a clean-out. I have a set of beeswax wraps and I love them. They are a couple of years old now and have lasted really well. I use them all the time and no longer buy plastic wrap. I have some beeswax here to make my own but haven't got around to it yet. Meg:)

    1. I hope to make my own one day too. Just wish I knew about these years ago, they're wonderful.


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