Winter Flowers Returning

Twelve months ago I started to learn more about growing veggies and looking after our garden step by step.  A little garden bed outside our bedroom window was an area I really wanted to work on.  It had overgrown with weeds and had become a bit of a dumping area for old empty pots.  Also being in an area which doesn't see much sun and is quite cool and shady I never really knew what to grow.  I decided that I couldn't make it any worse and as it's not a huge area I would see what I could do.

Firstly we removed all of the old pots and then began the task of clearing out all of the weeds.  The pavers were now visible once again.  Next task was thinking of types of ground cover for the path area.  I decided on pebbles so researched a little before purchasing.  Ever since I have kept the weeds and grass at bay by pulling them up every day.  Happy to say that they just don't grow anymore.  There is the rare occasion I'll see some grass poke through so I just pull it out straight away.  

With the actual garden bed itself I worked on the soil as it was very dry and rocky.  Although the soil is still not the best it is much better and softer now.  It keeps improving as time goes by.

 This area was once full of long weeds and old empty pots.

Next stage was deciding on which plants to use.  I ended up buying Hellebore plants as I read they flower over the winter months and like shady areas.  I bought four plants to begin with to see how they go.  Over the summer period I really thought I had lost them.  They looked like dried up twigs poking out of the ground.  I was tempted on so many occasions to pull them out however instead I continued maintaining the area, watering occasionally, looking after the soil etc. 

Well I must be doing something right as they are slowly growing back.  New bright green leaves popping up and they've come back to life.  So glad I let them be and given them a chance and also happy that I've actually kept them alive.

 Hellebore - Winter Elegance Series
Left:  Winter White
Right:  Winter Ruby

 Hellebore Hybrid - Chloe's Choice

 Hellebore - Joy Bouquet

That brings me to my next step.  I was looking at the weather map yesterday and noticed that we had some rain on its way and a cool change.  Perfect time to work in this area before a good soaking.  Out came the gardening tools and off I went.  Such a beautiful day yesterday in the sun and once again digging around in the dirt.  

I firstly pulled up a few weeds and grass, mixed through our compost, sprinkled some dynamic lifter, a fresh layer of lucerne and finally watered it all in.  I also trimmed any leaves which were looking a little brownish.  Am I doing the right thing, well I am unable to say for sure but I'm trying.  This is my way of learning about our garden and I love it because if successful it feels great and if not well I research, learn so more and try again.

In the coming weeks I will purchase a few more of these plants to fill the area as I now know that firstly I can keep them alive (miracle) and secondly they do grow back.  I just can't believe gardening can give me so much joy.

Whilst I was out in the garden enjoying the sun I also had a cake cooking in the oven.  I could smell it from the yard.  Does it get any better?  Sunshine, garden, soil and the smell of a homemade cake baking. 

The cake in question is one of our favourites here and so easy.  I soaked the fruit in black coffee overnight and we now have this lovely rich cake full of fruit.  A member had shared this recipe on the Down to Earth forum a while ago and I've made it many, many times since.

 Brazilian Tea Bread

Aaaaah the joys of home.  Days like that are the best.


  1. That cake looks delicious and really moist Kyliemarie.
    The hellebores should do really well there and I really think a great choice, generally tough as boots once they are established. Am loving your blog.

  2. They need to be tough as boots with this novice here I think.

    Thanks for your lovely comment and I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog.

  3. Hooray for making progress on your garden! I love hellebores, although do watch out that they don't like having "wet feet" so make sure the area has good drainage. And that cake looks delicious!


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