Whole Orange Cake plus Muffins

I was introduced to a wonderful recipe called Whole Orange Cake or as I call it 'Rhonda's Whole Orange Cake.'  Not only is this cake very quick and easy to make it is also full of flavour and has the most amazing texture.  Oh and the aroma drifting from the oven as it bakes is just so good.

Firstly, you will find the recipe in Rhonda's book called Down to Earth.  Here you will find details of Rhonda's books.  I have purchased both Down to Earth and The Simple Home and use them frequently.

 My Down to Earth book.

Rhonda has also included the recipe on her blog which is included right here for you Whole Orange Cake Recipe.
 Whole Orange Cake iced and ready to eat.

So much flavour.
I have been making this lovely cake frequently since discovering it however today I decided to try and make muffins using the same mixture.  I followed all the instructions for the Whole Orange Cake however instead of using a loaf tin I poured the mix into a muffin tin.  Once fully complete it was time to put them to the test.  My eager 'taste testing kids' were very close by of course.  Well their eyes literally lit up and all I got was 'mmmmm these are really good.'

It wasn't until later that I discovered Rhonda also has the Whole Orange Muffin recipe on her blog.  The method is slightly different to prevent over mixing which would explain why mine are a little dense.  There you go one of my 'oopsy' moments.  They've still turned out beautifully however next time I will use Rhonda's recipe.

Once again Rhonda has included the recipe for her muffins which are just waiting for you to bake Whole Orange Muffins

 Perfect for school lunchboxes.

Both the cake and muffins are delicious either with or without icing.  I make icing using a small amount of butter with boiled water and then add enough icing sugar until the consistency is thick enough.  I also added some orange peel for flavour and presentation.

Baking makes me feel happy.  The aromas alone make everything feel so cosy.  I love planning to have this cake coming out of the oven when the kids walk in from school and hearing them say 'mmmm what's that smell, it's so good.'  Then serving them a warm piece of cake fresh out of the oven for afternoon tea.  It also brings back such lovely memories of my childhood.  Mum always had a cake baking for our afternoon tea and she still bakes now.  Our kids love Nanna's cakes.


  1. Kylie because I have given up sugar I have made this cake using Dextrose instead of the sugar and it has turned out well. It is so quick and easy.

  2. Lovely baking. Reading this has made me hungry and I can almost smell the aroma.

  3. This is a great cake, I should make it again. Thankfully its coming into orange season.
    Cassandra xx

    1. Hi Cassandra,

      I passed it onto Mum a while back and she then passed it onto her friends. It is a lovely cake.

      Maybe give the muffins a go too. I would suggest using Rhonda's method :)


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