Update on Chicken Coop

The cubbyhouse is moving along quite nicely thanks to everyone helping.  Once again we have had such a great time.  Seeing both kids out there as well as having them contribute to discussions.  We have been discussing different ways of building nesting boxes, where to place perches, plans for the outdoor run as well as ideas to make everything predator safe.

Frame is up!

We have been able to reuse most of the timber and have only had to replace a few boards which has saved us a great deal.

It's also been good to give the cubby another lifeThe next part of it's journey is as our chicken coop.  A coop which will always be special.

With everyone helping it didn't take long before the frame went up and the roof was attached.   As usual not everything runs smoothly however with everyone's input and ideas it all came together in the end.

Once again it's been great having Dad over and spending time together.  Good memories, plenty of photos and another lunch sitting around the kitchen table.  I can still smell the pies which were heating in the oven one day followed by cake and coffee of course.

Now we have the roof.

Once the frame and roof were complete it was then time to work on the flooring.  Before we knew it the sides and back wall all came together as well. 

Flooring and back wall.

Whilst my husband and I were away for a few days Mum and Dad stayed over to look after the kids.  We came home to find Dad had once again been working on the cubby.  The door was now attached.

Thanks Dad xx

It was really only a few weeks ago that we transported the cubby to our house and had bits and pieces laying on the ground.  I remember looking at it all and thinking 'Oh my, so many pieces.'  The day came to begin putting the puzzle back together.  Amazing how bit by bit it slowly came back to life in our yard.  Once you begin, work together and throw ideas around it all falls into place.

The next step is to tidy up the sides, fill in holes and gaps and make it secure.  The cap over the roof will then go up followed by the spouting. 

Moving along and the day will come when we have our own little chickens with their big personalities - really looking forward to that.   



  1. I love how you are up-cycling your cubby house. It is looking great and I am sure your hens will love it.

    Dads come in handy a lot of times, I know my dad does :)


    1. It is great to have you here Tania xx.

  2. Kylie, that is going to be a great place for your chookies. I have been waiting for ages for mine to be built so at the moment they are locked up at night and let our during the day as the cage is really too small for them to be in all the time. They certainly do wreck the garden in no time though.

    1. We were discussing their outdoor run in length yesterday as I would like one we can move around. I would eventually like to free range them in the yard when I'm home all day however a lot to think about there with Samson and foxes etc.


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