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I love chatting about books and finding out what others are reading. 

As soon as a book comes to my attention or is recommended I jump onto the Goodreads website and find out what it's all about.  I scan the reviews and then if relevant look at other books from the same author.  If they make it through that step I then log into my library account and add the book or books to my 'wish list.'  

My list contains a real variety of books, mainly all fiction at the moment.  I tend to read a book or two which either has me thinking, is very deep or informative and then switch to a lighter read in between.  I like to mix it up. 

Occasionally a non-fiction book comes to my attention which I'll borrow from the library.  At times I find that I use or refer to a book so much that I end up purchasing.

Books I refer to most days.

This year I would like to read some classics.  One author on my list is Jane Austen.  I actually haven't read any of her books however that will change this year.  Pride and Predjudice will be the first.

Just over a year ago I read Gone With The Wind for the first time.  The pure size kept putting me off however I was really interested in reading this bookI am a slow reader so it did take me quite a while.  Also, being a library book plus their one and only copy I was hoping I would finish it on time.  I finished yes, however not before exhausting all of my 'renewal requests'.  Lucky for me nobody requested it during this time.  I enjoyed the book so much more than I thought I would.  We then borrowed the DVD and watched it over a few nights.  Both my husband and I enjoyed the movie.  Have you read Gone With The Wind?

Upon completing some books I've actually found that I miss the characters.  Like they had become part of my life for a little while.  Sometimes I read a book and want to hold onto it.  Whilst majority of my books are on loan from the library I do have a small stash which I purchased as I enjoyed them that much and didn't want to let them goAngela's Ashes by Frank McCourt is one of those books as well as plenty of Bryce Courtenay books and others.

There is just something about books and libraries which I'm drawn to.  I love the smell of a library as well as books, the quietness, calmness, turning pages.  I also prefer holding a book rather than using an e-reader.  I have given the Kindle a go however much prefer a book which I can hold, turn it's pages etc.

My favourite bookmark.

I am currently reading The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.  This book is not just enjoyable and easy to read but it is also giving me a little history lesson as well.  Quite an interesting book and one which I recommend. 

The next book on my list which I will be starting very soon is 'The One Plus One' by JoJo Moyes.  If you've read her other books and enjoyed them come along and join me.

I recently read two of her other books called 'Me Before You' and then 'After You'.  Some books you always remember.  Well, I will always remember these.  

Happy reading everyone.





  1. Kylie, Gone with the Wind was a blockbuster when it came out years ago...the movie I mean. I can't remember how many times I have watched it. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books. I used to work in a library and do miss being surrounded by books.

  2. Hi Kylie, I've just finished 'A Little Coffee-shop In Kabul' which I really enjoyed~it gives an insight in Afghani culture which was a real eye opener. xx

  3. Thanks Sue. Added to my 'wish list' :)

  4. I much prefer real books too. There is just something special about opening a book and metaphorically delving into another world. Likewise, temporarily leaving that world when you close and put the book down. It's almost a secret little place that you, as the reader, are privy to. I tried but never took to ebooks.

  5. I saw Gone with the Wind when I was a teenager, loved it but didn't read the book until a couple of years ago. To say I loved the book would be the understatement of the century...I cannot express how I feel about the book. It moved me to tears, multiple times...which is always a great sign of a good book. I enjoyed it so much that I'm not sure I would ever see the movie again for fear of destroying the pictures i have created in my mind.
    I bought my copy from a church sale, and it came with the 'sequel' Scarlett, but I learned that it is not by the same author, so I am hesitant to read it.
    Books definitely play a key role in my life...just a glance at my bulging bookshelves would give that away. Most I get secondhand, but a few reference books are bought brand new. I defintely love tbe real thing e-readers for me 😀
    Cassandra xx

    1. I know what you mean about not wanting to destroy the pictures you have in your mind. It's yours and how you remember it. You want to hold onto that.

      Bulging bookshelves - I picture a big comfy chair, warmth, quietness, surrounded by books and a hot cup of coffee.

  6. Hi Kylie, nice to stumble by here! Have you read the Outlander series. I am just about to start, I cant wait to get into it after watching the first 2 seasons on TV. Lots of rich history and story.

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Clarissa - really happy you're here.

    I have Outlander on my list however not sure yet. I would be interested in hearing how you go. I haven't seen the series either. I tend to read the book first.

    I hope you enjoy the books.

  8. I will have to search for you on GoodReads...

    I know it's not going to be a priority but someday I hope I could see the link to your GoodReads on the blog sidebar :)


  9. If you like mysteries and miss characters after you've finished a book, try Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache series. I would definitely recommend reading them in order. Start with Still Life, the first book.

    Her latest book is coming at the end of August. I've had it on hold at the library for many months in anticipation. She has quite the following. I think it's because of place (Three Pines) and character development.

    1. Thankyou for the recommendation Rebecca. I've just added Still Life to my 'to read' section on my Goodreads account. Looks like a lot of follow-ups too so that should fix the 'missing the characters' part of me.


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