Our Veggie Patch

Gardening has never been my strong point.  Growing vegetables, well that was non-existent.  I would start looking into growing vegetables and before long would be totally confused with the amount of information.  When and how to feed, mulch, compost, fertilise, water and so on.  It would end up a jumble and I wouldn’t know where and how to start.

Twelve months ago I tried again however this time concentrated on one step at a time.  I was learning from absolute scratch and by giving it a go.  Things didn’t always work but that’s the beauty of it.  These little mishaps have taught me so much.  The garden really has been teaching me as I go.

Once again with the help of my Down to Earth book plus so many helpful gardeners I turned our clay soil into softer, richer soil.  I’ll always remember the first time I discovered worms crawling through our soil and shouting – ‘we have worms!’

Another proud moment was when I managed to grow spring onion and kale.

My very first crop

Happy to say my original punnets I purchased lasted 12 months.  I replanted the roots of the spring onions over and over again.  I also harvested the outer leaves of the kale which continued to grow.

 Regrowing Spring Onion

We did run into a little issue in the beginning when our beloved Labrador had access to the veggie patch overnight as the gate had blown open.  He trod all over the spring onion (obviously not to his liking) however he did have a good old munch on the kale – his favourite it seems.  He wasn’t in my good books for a while.  Anyway, much to my delight it all grew back.

Kale after it had been munched on!

Over the 12 months I’ve expanded the garden from one small section to three.  I’ve grown herbs, bok coy, zucchini, cucumber and now have eggplant and pumpkin.

The pumpkin plant itself has taken off beautifully however no flowers or fruit.  Next year I will plant them earlier.

Eggplant has taken off and taking up quite a lot of room.  I had a lot of purple flowers however no fruit.  After a quick search on the internet I found out how to self-pollinate which I did only last week.

 Eggplant flower

Just one week after self-pollinating I found little eggplants forming.

Another lesson for me was to be careful as those little spikes bite - they get me every time.  Also remember to wear my gloves.

Looks like my very first eggplant - another squeal of delight.

As I now have the three sections I’ve been able to plan for the year.  Knowing what and when I’m planting each month makes life so much easier.

This little veggie patch gives so much.  Not just in crops but relaxation, knowledge, joy and just so much satisfaction.  I love digging in the soil, the smell of the soil, cooking and eating our very own harvests.  I’m out there every single morning.

I look forward to sharing my successes and lessons I learn along the way.


  1. There is nothing quite like growing food - I find it deeply satisfying. Our eggplants produced so much this year that we had to give so much of it away.

    1. Hoping I can do the same. Looking at all the flowers and little eggplants forming I think we will have plenty.

  2. Well done Kylie. The heatwaves wrecked a lot of our veggies unfortunately. You have learned a lot in a short time.

  3. What a terrific bounty Kylie! I am envious. Here is Queensland it has been a long hot dry summer. Owing to our terrible soil I have 3 raised garden beds, and any vegies I did have 'cooked' in there. Still, the heat can't last, and peas and beans I planted are all up thanks to the rain of the last few weeks. That's so funny your dog eating the kale (though perhaps not to you!).

  4. You have done really well and I think the approach of one step at a time is a good one. I am not much of a gardener but I have a few tried and tested crops such as strawberries, tomatoes and spring onions which grow well here. My plan is to try one or two different things each year so I don't feel overwhelmed. I look forward to seeing how your garden progresses.


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