Our Chicken Journey

We have a goal this year to have our very own chickens.  I’ll share our journey with you through the stages.  We are starting from absolute scratch here with everything.  As we started a few weeks ago this post will bring you up to date.

Firstly, here is something I think of and look forward to.  Every morning heading out to the chicken coop, opening the door and being greeted by their little noises and as I’m sure big personalities.  Then the discovery of eggs.  I think you will all hear me that first time as I’ll be that excited.  I believe the feeling you get when collecting eggs is the same every time no matter how long you’ve had chickens.

Now, I’m usually the type of person who jumps into things a little too quickly.  This time I’ve decided from the start that we are going to research as much as we can before we go any further.  We have been very fortunate to have so much help and advice from others as well as receive two books which we have been reading and will be very handy as references later.

We will be referring back to these books time and time again

This is about our goal of owning chickens however just as importantly it is about the journey.  Involving the whole family and most importantly getting the kids involved.  Our daughter began by researching and jotting down goals with steps and a plan.  She has gone into the most intricate of detail, it’s amazing.

A snippet of goal book

Whilst we are busy reading books, speaking to people and researching we are also starting on the actual coop.  Our first project is the ‘night time coop.’  After looking on the internet for different coops we decided to build one ourselves.  Dad built a wonderful little cubbyhouse many years ago which was perfect for when the kids visited them.  Being teenagers now it obviously hasn’t been used for a long time.  We all agreed that we could use this for the coop.

Cubbyhouse before destruction

A couple of weekends ago we pulled the cubby down and transported it to our backyard.  We transferred as many pieces as we could in two cars.  This then left the roof and parts of the frame which were too large for the car.  The following week my brother and his girlfriend packed the large pieces into their van and drove them over.  Dad made one more surprise trip with the remainder a few days later.  He timed it perfectly too so he could also pick the kids up from school.  We had a good afternoon.  It’s already been great having everyone do bits and pieces here and there.  The kids are loving it and getting involved and it is creating great memories, stories and photos.

As we then had all pieces at home it was time to put the puzzle back together.  My husband and daughter put the roof back together plus a few other pieces.  It’s been great to see our daughter hammering, chiselling, measuring etc.

Roof has been reassembled in our backyard

Working out placement for the coop

That is basically where we got up to in those first few weeks.

I must say that having everyone involved has been the best part here.

Once the cubby has been rebuilt in our yard we will then work on the inside.  We have an idea where to place the nesting boxes and perches etc.  An outdoor run will be next on the agenda.  We have been discussing different options together.

Oh, we are also brainstorming names.  The whiteboard in the office is slowly filling up with different ideas.  Everyone is contributing.  A few funny ones too of course – there is always someone!

Looking forward to sharing the next stage with you very soon.


  1. Hi Kylie,
    Followed you over from the Simple living forum. Thanks for putting your new blog on your post. Chickens of any kind are so much fun. very relaxing to watch their antics! I love the way you are researching and involving your family in the whole process... lots and lots of learning happening there. I have not joined any new forums and will follow your blog with great interest. Thanks again. Jo

  2. Thanks Jo and it is great to have you here.

  3. Hallo Kylie, loving the chicken tails/tales already xxx

  4. Love the cubbyhouse; I would have been torn if I had to tear it down myself :) We are also thinking about chickens lately, our last lot have grown old and there is only one girl left now (and no eggs). We might do a bit of replanning and make a sturdier coop/run for them with a fruit tree or two inside. Wonder what chickens you'll end up getting... We started with egg-laying ones but are leaning towards dual purpose ones next time around. -Michelle (mrsmeagre)

    1. Hi Michelle,

      We are thinking of getting Isa Browns or Australorp Cross. I've been reading up about different breeds and like the sound of the Australorp Cross not only for egg laying but also for their docile personality. We can have 5 chickens so may mix the two breeds however still deciding on that due to personality clashes.

      What breed of chicken do you currently have?

      My daughter and I just adore the Silkie and I believe they have beautiful little personalities.

      Thanks for visiting too. With the forum closing its lovely when members visit xx

    2. We have just one Isa Brown left, Kylie. They lay very well but I really feel them as it seems they get tired so fast, laying an egg everyday regardless of the season... Our girl is around three years old now and I reckon that's a bit old for an Isa Brown. We are thinking of having an Australorp or Rhode Island Red next.

      I find the Silkie cute too, however I think it would be very hard to keep the toddler from torturing it :)

  5. Chickens are so satisfying to keep. Eggs, manure, antics and a sense of farm :-). Phil


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