Dishcloth Challenge Complete

Dishcloth number two is now fully complete - I did it!  Also, I managed to get through the whole pattern this time.

Now I finally have two new dishcloths going.  My purple one which is part waffle pattern and part plain and now my yellow 'full waffle pattern'.  There are a few little glitches but hopefully only I notice those.  I can now have one in the wash whilst the other is in use.

 My 'waffle' dishcloth complete.

As I still have some yellow yarn left I've decided to quickly knit one more dishcloth.  This also gives me that back up later on so I don't end up in the same position I was in recently.  You may remember my very ragged looking dishcloth.  As I now know that yes, I can follow the waffle pattern I have decided to knit this last one in garter stitch. 

 Using up my last bit of yarn for 'spare' dishcloth.

This is now my third dishcloth I've knitted over the past few weeks.  I've noticed that I can cast on with a lot more ease now, cast off, weave in ends etc.  Practice certainly does help.

I have also found a few youtube videos which are clear and easy to follow.  If there are any new knitters out there you may find these tutorials good to follow.  They certainly helped me.

Here is the tutorial for the Long Tail Cast On.  

How to cast off tutorial is here.  I also really like the way she wraps the yarn around using her left hand.  I hold the yarn in my right however am very awkward with it I must say.  I would really like to be able to knit this way as it looks quicker and well certainly not awkward.  

As far as weaving in ends I have found this link is very clear.  I sometimes find I'm concentrating so hard that I'm repeating 'umbrella, smile, umbrella, smile.....' out loud.

Once I finish my third dishcloth I will leave the knitting for a while and go back to my cross stitch.  I have completed a few large cross stitch projects and am now working on a more advanced one which is testing me that's for sure.  Learning as I go.  I look forward to sharing my cross stitch with you soon.


  1. Love this little one. I too have attempted a few times to make dishcloths. My first was to little, but its my first so it stays! I also tried to crochet one, but found knitting easier for me. I am very slowly building up my collection when I find time. Every now and then I give them a good boil with some vinegar followed by a normal wash to keep them smelling nice.

  2. I love the colour of this. We'll done for finishing it.


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