Sunday, 23 April 2017

A Big Welcome Home

Today was the day we welcomed home our very first chickens.  I was hooked straight away and we have had many, many cuddles already.

They are settling in so well.  Once we arrived home we took them straight to their new coop where they will stay for the next three days.  The kids and I have been in and out a few times.  They are now scratching around and eating with us in the coop with them.  Very relaxed when held too.  Holding them and hearing their little noises is just so soothing.

Little personalities are showing a little already.  We have managed a photo of all of them except for the very confident and cheeky Harriett.  Seems to be the boss already.  She is a lovely dark brown colour.

Then we have quiet and timid little Annie.  Over the day she has come out of her corner with us there and is moving around more now and eating.  She just needed a little more time.

 Here is little Annie on the left.
Eggsy is the darker one and always manages to get in photos.

Now Eggsy.  As far as confidence goes she would come just after Harriett.  Eggsy seems to be everywhere and into everything.  I think she is afraid she will miss out on something.

Eggsy always around for a photo.
Mmmm looks like she is planning an escape. 

Now we have Candy.  She seems to be the one who just goes with the flow.  I think she may be our laid back one.

Candy - nothing seems to faze her too much.

Then we have Floss.  I chose and named her and held her for so long whilst the others were choosing the other four chickens at the farm today.  OK I admit she may be my favourite.  She loves a cuddle this one.

Isn't she beautiful.  Our Floss.

I will post a photo of Harriett if she sits still long enough.  She is the one we have to really watch.  The second the door opens she makes a mad dash for it.  Very clever girl and on the ball.

Samson must be wondering what is happening.  He was very interested when they first arrived however before long he was snoozing away on the decking and not taking any notice.

Samson really checking things out here.

We have had such a great time throughout this whole journey.  I remember day one when we started pulling the cubby house down at Mum and Dad's.  Rebuilding it in our yard and then the outdoor coop as well.  Dad did so, so much and we couldn't have done this without him.  So many good memories, photos, laughs, discussions, cooking for everyone, having the kids involved plus much, much more.  Now the journey continues.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Odds and Ends

Such an exciting week we've had once again.  When I look back I realise just how much we have also achieved.  Items ticked off my 'running list', kids back at school, menu plans, bike rides and more.  There have been a few after school appointments and quite a bit of running here and there but we've still managed to fit quite a lot of fun and enjoyable things in there too.  That makes all the difference.

One of my daughter's most memorable days last week would be our bike ride together.  We were riding in an area where the houses are on fairly large properties and also quite hilly.  All of a sudden a little white dog ran out onto the road and right up the middle.  We finally caught up and it didn't take long before we were both totally smitten with this little one.  Such a friendly and cuddly dog and more than happy being in our arms.  That was it, my daughter wanted to take her home.  I called the mobile number on her tag and left a message however no return call.  Next we checked the address on her tag which was a good block away.  I knew we couldn't leave her on the road so I popped her in my basket to see how she goes.  It was just like she belonged, right there in my basket.  We pedalled her over hills, walked up the steep ones and chatted to her until we finally found her home.  Had a quick chat with a neighbour who commented that she escapes quite a lot.  Fingers crossed that she remains home safe and sound now.  Must say I've never had a dog in my basket before.  We'll remember this bike ride for a long time especially our fury little friend.

Such an adorable, friendly little dog.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Chicken Coconut Curry with Cauliflower Rice

I have literally just finished making this dish which I made up myself.  I'm one of those people who always follows a recipe.  I think it really all comes down to confidence.  From now I will have more faith in my cooking and believe I can create my own dishes.  I'm sure I'll have dishes which don't quite make the grade but with tweaking who knows. 

I've had similar dishes whilst eating out and love the flavours.  I've also been wanting to make cauliflower rice for such a long time now.  Aaaaaah why did I wait so long.  Mighty easy and delicious.

As this recipe is all in my head right now I thought it best to type it up straight away whilst it is still fresh.  I'm just so happy as it is exactly how I envisioned it to be as far as taste and looks.

Here I go, my very first recipe I can call my own.  

My very own Chicken Coconut Curry.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Chickens - Getting Close

Getting just so excited now as the day we bring our very first chickens home gets closer and closer.  The indoor and outdoor coops are complete.  All that's left now is basically time to 'set up house'.

My husband used foam which had originally come from the trampoline to cover up any sharp pieces of wire on the chicken run.  I tend to throw things out whereas he is the opposite and keeps everything.  I guess I'm glad he had kept the foam bits.

Now fully enclosed and sharp edges covered up.

Monday, 17 April 2017


I'm fairly new to making sauerkraut however am really enjoying the taste and health benefits.

First of all I made some newbie mistakes with my first lot.  I have learnt and now do the following:

  • make sure all of the cabbage is fully submerged in the brine;
  • start by eating very small amounts only and slowly build up as your body becomes used to it.  I ended up eating 1 tablespoon a day and slowly increased from there.  I now eat about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup per day or every few days.
  • if storing your crockpot make sure it is left open and weights are separate as mould can form within a few short days.  It needs to be kept very dry.
You can make sauerkraut with jars or a crockpot.  I use a crockpot and find it works well for me.  This is the one I use.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

A Mixed Bag

Our kids are currently on school holidays and we just can't believe how fast they're going.  They've had a few pyjama days and sleep-ins which has been really good.  My daughter and I had some one on one time together.  We went to the movies and saw Dance Academy which was so, so.  The kids used to watch the series on TV.  I know the choc top went down well as I didn't hear boo from her during the ads and previews in the beginning.  After the movie we went out for lunch together and chatted for a good hour and a half.  We really enjoyed our time together.

We've also been baking a lot and making Easter treats.  On Friday I made the third lot of hot cross buns all ready for Easter.  I think they're really going to miss their hot cross buns.  I have had a good catch up on freezer meals and baking for the freezer too.

 Beef Bone Broth sizzling away.

Freshly made ghee still hot and smelling wonderful - 'liquid gold'.

Fried Rice

Another recipe which is quick and easy for a weeknight dinner is fried rice.  I keep coming back to this recipe and do make it quite a lot as it is another favourite here.

 I love the colours.